THE ART OF DS Get right to the heart of the DS Automobiles brand

When avant-garde technology meets the poetry of design, when competition gives birth to innovation, when high quality materials have an appointment with the craftsman's remarkable expertise, the car becomes high fashion.

Seven years ago, DS Automobiles set itself a challenge: to revive the savoir-faire of the luxury French car.

But how do you launch a brand into a market that isn’t expecting it?

“The Art of DS” documentary uncovers this epic story.


From its origins to its rebirth, discover the huge and ultimately successful challenge that launched DS Automobiles. 1955, the birth of DS, and with it the creation of excellence in French automobiles. Brave, high tech, comfortable, the winning cocktail of the avant-garde spirit that’s repeatedly defined the brand’s philosophy. Today, teams of engineers and designers employ their incredible expertise to continue writing this story and devise the car of tomorrow.


How do you define DS Automobiles? How do you translate this creative legacy? How do you push the limits of design to turn it into an art form?
Style is born from design. And when avant-garde technology meets the poetry of design, that produces automotive excellence French-style, embodied by DS.
The brand’s design basics: a spirit of the avant-garde, proportions, an eye-catching silhouette and interior refinement.


Flair commands a special expertise: a legacy of traditional craftsmanship that today at DS Automobiles passionate men and women express with a modern twist. They tame material and enhance technology to craft every detail and finish, like using straw marquetry, inventing pearl stitching and even the watchstrap upholstery seats. Sophistication, quality without compromise and incredible French expertise applied to the DS car.


Quality without compromise. One of the objectives and one of the indispensable values of DS Automobiles.
The DS car must cover kilometres effortlessly with excellent levels of comfort.
And that goes for the sound system: the expression of tranquility through the importance of silence in the design.
It’s part of what we call ‘The DS Experience’. An innovative and premium driving experience. Discover ingenious technology and precision implemented to achieve this excellence.


Automotive innovation comes from competition. Driven by daring and the desire to build the car of tomorrow, the energy transition was a natural result.

So too Formula E, through the DS TECHEETAH team, which became a benchmark.

DS is proud of the expertise acquired in electric motor racing. Always with the aim of discovering this racing-inspired technology in remarkable road cars.

To enjoy great success transferring expertise between Formula E and production cars; that’s the spirit of the avant-garde!


Can you do without technology in a car these days?

Innovation is one of the reasons DS Automobiles exists. To give the driver this unique and authentic experience. A design that’s a byword for natural, simplicity and effortlessness.

Incredible materials enhanced by an imprint of the future. Intuitive contact with the machine.

And tomorrow why not the creation of technology using ultrasound?

Innovation at DS Automobiles is like a reflection of French excellence.